Friday, March 27, 2009

looking for the cuppies

now everybody likes cupcakes concept in their too!!really want it in my wedding day..hehe..for sure one for mr y hantaran, and I request for black & white cuppies..haha..tak penah di buat org, but I'm sure it's so adorable *wink*

here a cuppies blog that I will order from her - belong to my bestfren's sister. so hope dpt discount la..hehe..and her sister leh buat kan me cuppies as per requested. hehe..

So sweet!! ;) nak cuppies tingkat2! :)
And for giving to my guests masa hari nikah, I will order with my own bestfren. She just learns to do cuppies and start this business. then me support la skit2..then sya nak belajar buat cuppies jugakk. tp after kawen la yer..hehe
oh, for info, semlm me dah start beli buku resipi...huhuhu..dah kena belek2 buku blum nak masak la, tunggu la ada dapur sendiri..hihihi (alasan tak nak masak)..
mr y : nak bg saya terrer masak, beli buku masakn byk2 utk saya!terima kasih! :P

0 idea?!:

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